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Rib Falls United
Methodist Church

Worship: Sundays at 10:00



Two fixed dates for Communion are Good Friday evening, at 7:00PM, and World Wide Communion Sunday, in October. All other Communion dates are announced two or three weeks ahead and posted on our Facebook page. All who accept Jesus as their Savior are invited to partake of the elements of Communion, regardless of their church affiliation.



Father's Day

Begins the evening before with a camp-out on the church grounds, a camp fire and vespers. Sunday morning the entire church service is turned over to the Christian musical group, “True Harmony.” They bring old and new gospel songs and their own testimony to God’s love in their lives. Then everyone moves outside for the potluck picnic:  brats, burgers, chicken, and hotdogs, plus salads and desserts to satisfy every taste. The 2012 picnic included pony rides for children. Everyone is welcome to join in this 18-year tradition.

Advent Sunday

Dec. 1, 10 AM At Rib Falls we prepare for the Christmas season with carol singing and readings about the symbols of Christmas and their meaning. The Christmas tree gets decorated as part of the service. Everyone, big and little, participates. A pot-luck meal follows featuring hot soup and chili and lots of "go-withs". The service starts at the usual 10 AM. Friends and relatives are invited to join in.

Christmas Eve

Dec. 24, Join us for a traditional program of carols, readings, special music, and the Nativity  pageant. All families and friends are invited to help welcome the birth of our Savior!